What are the requirements to use call forwarding?

What are the requirements to use call forwarding?

Three elements are required for call forwarding:

  1. one of the following Internet-connected DUOX WIFI monitor
  2. a basic WIFI Internet connection
  3. an Android or iOS mobile phone with our Blue app installed

Compatible DUOX WIFI monitors are as follows:

VEO monitor (with handset, 4.3"):

Monitor VEO-XS (handsfree, reduced in size 4.3"):

Monitor VEO-XL (handsfree, bigger 7"):

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    • If the WIFI monitor breaks, does call forwarding still work?

      No, if the handset is broken, call forwarding won't work either. Blue forwarding service works due to the monitor, which acts as a gateway for incoming calls from the outdoor panel. You may also be interested in: How do I reset the monitor's WIFI ...
    • How do I answer a call with the Blue app on iOS?

      Incoming calls from Blue are received as a regular call, perfectly integrated in the user interface with native views and melody that you had configured for incoming calls at phone level (with CallKit, in order to improve both security and user ...
    • What bandwidth is required for optimal call forwarding?

      For optimal performance during a call, you'll need at least 0.150 Mbps of download speed and 0.5 Mbps of upload speed. Bear in mind that the upload bandwidth available on your Internet connection will affect how fast the monitor streams audio and ...
    • What is the difference between the Blue app and Opendit? Why do some neighbours use a different app?

      The difference lies in the payment method and the terminal installed in the home. A neighbour can choose to buy a WIFI monitor, so that the network connectivity is done through his own WIFI router. Therefore, once he has paid for the product that is ...
    • Is call forwarding always active?

      As long as your monitor is connected to the Internet and you are logged in to the Blue app on your smartphone/tablet, incoming calls from your video door entry system will be forwarded to your devices. If you want to stop receiving calls from Blue, ...

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