My video door phone cannot be heard or does not show an image. How to check the monitor's operation

My video door phone cannot be heard or does not show an image. How to check the monitor's operation

Before checking the operation of the Blue app, we need to make sure that everything is working correctly in the installation (i.e. that the monitor and video door phone functions are working correctly).

 To check that the video is working properly, go to the monitor, press the video camera button and wait a few moments until you can see through the video door phone camera.

• To check the audio, try to answer a call from the monitor and check that you can hear the visitor and the visitor can hear you.

 To check the door opening, press the videocamera button until you have video and then press the blue key button to open.

Should any of these features fail, please contact your installer.

If you have any questions about how to navigate and select options on the monitor, see the video below: Configuration and setting of VEO monitor functions

If your installer is not available or you have already checked that the installation is working correctly, if you experience app failures or have any questions, please contact the app support in the Blue app settings > General tab > Contact Fermax or at

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