How do I answer a call on Android with the Blue app?

How do I answer a call on Android with the Blue app?

On Android, you will get a notification from Blue indicating the name of your house (in this case ‘CASA’) and the text ‘Incoming call’.

You have to respond to the notification (tap on it or swipe depending on your smartphone) to open the Blue app with the call screen of your video door entry system. 

You may need to unlock your phone for the app to open. Once opened, you will be able to see the video feed of your visitor and open the door directly and if you wish, communicate with them. If you have the "Confirm opening" option activated, you will need to enter your preferred security method in your smartphone.

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    • Is the Blue app compatible with smartwatches?

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      Blue by Fermax is a free Android and iOS app that you can use to receive and answer calls made to your FERMAX video door entry system with DUOX technology. With Blue you can see who is at your door and answer and open it using your phone, no matter ...
    • If I answer the call from the App and it cuts off, can I call back?

      Yes, as long as the communication channel is not busy. When the call stops ringing, you can use the app to connect to the panel and talk to your visitor. You may also be interested in... How to check the correct functioning of the monitor?

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