What data does Fermax collect and how are they stored and processed?

What data does Fermax collect and how are they stored and processed?

The only personal data stored includes the information strictly necessary to associate the user with the products and services contracted (in this case, only the email account provided at registration). These data are also necessary to provide the corresponding updates, as well as to correct and improve the performance of our applications. In addition, we store any personal data that you have provided through the FERMAX website or during your interactions with FERMAX sales representatives and technicians.

Regarding the WIFI monitor we collect the information necessary for the operation and maintenance of the call forwarding service:

  • Device Data: we obtain video door phone device information such as firmware version, model, region, device manufacture date, date first connected, device age, warranty status, unique device identifiers, and other technical information that varies by product.
  • Product usage data: we collect video door entry system usage data for statistical purposes.
  • App data: we obtain information related to FERMAX Blue mobile applications, such as mobile operating system version, location, language, app software version and update information.
  • Performance Data: we obtain information regarding the performance of certain hardware, firmware, software and application components in the event of requiring advanced technical support. Examples of the data we collect include information related to memory and processor performance, environmental conditions and system failures, event logs, and other technical information that varies by device.
This data is stored on servers hosted by cloud service providers such as Azure.

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