How do I update the app?

How do I update the app?

Fermax periodically publishes new versions with improvements and corrections that automatically become available in Google Play and the Apple Store. Your phone will notify you if a new version is available for update.

It is recommended that you have automatic updates enabled for this app. There is no need to repeat the pairing process again after an update.

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    • Update required for continuation (CERT-UPDT)

      Link to video The monitor needs to update its firmware version in order to pair. To do this, we need to access the special administrator menu, following the steps in the app. 1. Press the MENU button to turn on the monitor screen. 2. Once in the ...
    • Where can I download the app?

      Blue by Fermax app is available for download for free through Google Play or the Apple Store. You can find the app by searching directly for "Fermax Blue" or open the following link from your mobile phone: ​
    • Is the Blue app compatible with smartwatches?

      The Blue app on iOS uses in-app call notifications and at the moment Apple does not support these call notifications with the Apple Watch (in the same way that WhatsApp call notifications are also not forwarded to the Apple Watch). The Blue app on ...
    • Is the system and the app secure?

      Fermax has a process in place assess the cybernetic safety of your connected product on a continual basis, as part of its life cycle. This assessment takes into account industry best practices and recommendations, such as OSSTMM (Open Source Security ...
    • Is the app compatible with my phone model?

      The Fermax Blue app is compatible with iOS and Android phones, both mobiles and tablets. You can check the minimum Android and iOS version from Google Play/App Store. In the case of Android, it is a prerequisite that Google services are installed for ...

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