How can I invite another user to my Blue home to share call forwarding?

How can I invite another user to my Blue home to share call forwarding?

User settings are available under  Settings > Home > Users.

Please note that only the home administrator, i.e. the user who has been paired, can invite other users. If a new user is paired, the old home manager and all previous invited users will be unlinked.

Users need to have the app installed on their smartphone  and also be signed up to Blue to be able to access the shared home.

You can invite a maximum of 5 users per home.

1. Enter their username (this name will only be visible to you) and their email address with which they registered on Blue.

2. The guest will receive an email notifying them and need to log in to the app. If you have already done so, refresh the app view to show the home you have been invited to.

3. As the home administrator, you will have access to the list of your guest users from Users . Here, you can delete them from your home and change their name or image.

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