Update required for continuation (CERT-UPDT)

Update required for continuation (CERT-UPDT)


The monitor needs to update its firmware version in order to pair. To do this, we need to access the special administrator menu, following the steps in the app.

1. Press the MENU button to turn on the monitor screen.

2. Once in the menu, press the F1 and KEY buttons at the same time. This will take you to an administrator menu.

3. Click on the TOOLS icon, without taking any further action. 

The following screen will appear (do not press any button yet, do not confirm the reset):

4. Now, on the reset screen, press the F1 and VIDEO CAMERA buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. The following screen will appear:

5. On this new screen, press the VIDEO CAMERA button three (3) times. No message or new screen will appear, but you will have enabled the monitor for firmware upgrade.

6. Press the MENU button twice to exit.

7. Now, let's start the normal pairing process. Press the MENU button to turn the monitor back on and go to the CONNECTIVITY menu. Scan the QR on the monitor with the app, this will start the update.

This update may take up to 10 minutes, do not disconnect the monitor from the power supply during this process.  You will receive a push notification on your smartphone when the update is complete.

In case you experience any inconvenience or have any questions, please contact us from the app in Settings > General tab > Contact Fermax.

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