Do visitors know if I am responding from the App?

Do visitors know if I am responding from the App?

No, it makes no difference to your visit. Once you've answered the call, the person calling from the outdoor panel cannot tell whether or not you are responding from inside the home. It is like if you were responding from home.

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    • How can I pair my monitor using the app Blue?

      You need to use Blue app to link your WIFI monitor with your user account and connect it to the Internet. This process is called pairing, you can complete it by following the steps in the app. 1. Select add new video monitor from the Blue app, select ...
    • Where can I download the app?

      Blue by Fermax app is available for download for free through Google Play or the Apple Store. You can find the app by searching directly for "Fermax Blue" or open the following link from your mobile phone: ​
    • Is the Blue app compatible with smartwatches?

      The Blue app on iOS uses in-app call notifications and at the moment Apple does not support these call notifications with the Apple Watch (in the same way that WhatsApp call notifications are also not forwarded to the Apple Watch). The Blue app on ...
    • How do I know that my monitor is set up and ready for call forwarding?

      Once paired, a new home that is linked to your Blue account will appear with the name you have just given it. The house will appear with a green signal indicating that the monitor is connected and that the service is active. You can check this by ...
    • How do I update the app?

      Fermax periodically publishes new versions with improvements and corrections that automatically become available in Google Play and the Apple Store. Your phone will notify you if a new version is available for update. It is recommended that you have ...

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