Can I speak to the person on the other end?

Can I speak to the person on the other end?

Yes, you can communicate with your visitor. Pay attention to the microphone status, it can be muted, and loudspeaker can be activated on the app screen, meaning you can switch between the handset to maintain privacy and hands-free speakerphone. With the app open, the audio is always in speakerphone or handsfree mode by default.
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    • Do visitors know if I am responding from the App?

      No, it makes no difference to your visit. Once you've answered the call, the person calling from the outdoor panel cannot tell whether or not you are responding from inside the home. It is like if you were responding from home.
    • Why do I need a name for the home?

      At the end of the pairing process, you can optionally personalise your home by indicating a name and photo to easily identify it in case you have several associated to your account. The name of the home is the one that will be shown in the incoming ...
    • How many smartphones can I have linked to the same account?

      You can invite up to a maximum of 5 users, but the system allows up to 8 devices connected to the same home. This means that you can use up to 8 smartphones/tablets with the same account if you wish (i.e. by logging in with the same account). On the ...
    • The view request of the outdoor panel camera cannot be performed because the monitor is in use

      This error means that a call is already in progress or the monitor screen is on, i.e. the communication channel is busy. Unlike analogue video door entry systems, where conversations could be overheard by any neighbour or other person who picked up ...
    • After opening the door, the connection is cut off

      When you receive an incomingcall on your smartphone and do not press the green button to pick up, the preview video of your visit will open. After opening the door in this preview, the communication will be closed. To be able to open the door and ...

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