Can I install the video door entry system and use it without connecting it to the Internet?

Can I install the video door entry system and use it without connecting it to the Internet?

Yes, of course. The WIFI monitor will still work as a normal home monitor even if you have not paired it to the app and connected to the Internet.

You will be able to answer calls and respond to visitors using your monitor. You can also open the door using the buttons on the monitor. However, . However, if the monitor is not connected, call forwarding will not be available so you won't receive any calls to your smartphone.
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    • Can someone connect to my video door entry system to control it without my authorisation?

      No, we use security technologies (encrypted connections and traffic encryption that protect communications from call forwarding. Only users linked with your monitor or authorised by you (guests) can perform actions on your monitor, such as answering ...
    • Error 2: Error connecting the video door phone to the Internet

      This error appears when the monitor is unable to connect to the WIFI network, mainly because the provided WIFI network credentials are wrong or a valid 2.4GHz network is not selected. The monitor supports 2.4GHz WIFI and WPA2, WEP or no password ...
    • Is the system and the app secure?

      Fermax has a process in place assess the cybernetic safety of your connected product on a continual basis, as part of its life cycle. This assessment takes into account industry best practices and recommendations, such as OSSTMM (Open Source Security ...
    • How do I know that the video door entry system is calling me on my mobile phone?

      On your smartphone, you will receive a call notification indicating the name of the home you have selected in the app. By answering this notification, you will be able to answer the call, establish communication with the visitor, view the image and ...
    • After opening the door, the connection is cut off

      When you receive an incomingcall on your smartphone and do not press the green button to pick up, the preview video of your visit will open. After opening the door in this preview, the communication will be closed. To be able to open the door and ...

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