Calls are not deleted from the call log

Calls are not deleted from the call log

If you're not able to delete entries from the call log, please uninstall the app and reinstall it.

If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact our support team via the Blue app in Settings > My account > Contact Fermax.

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    • How can I delete calls from call history?

      From the Call log menu, you can delete the calls and associated pictures you want. Select the call and click on delete. Even if the photo is deleted from the app, it will still appear on the monitor. You can read how to delete the call from the ...
    • How do I answer a call with the Blue app on iOS?

      Incoming calls from Blue are received as a regular call, perfectly integrated in the user interface with native views and melody that you had configured for incoming calls at phone level (with CallKit, in order to improve both security and user ...
    • What is call preview on Android?

      You can choose how you want to receive calls from the Blue app: with call preview on, the call will appear in full screen, like a normal phone call. With this option turned off, the call will appear as a notification. You can enable or disable this ...
    • How do I disable call reception on my smartphone?

      You can disable call reception in the app form Settings > Home > Call reception. This setting is individual for each user, it only affects the user who has deactivated it in their account. The others will continue to receive the call. On Android, you ...
    • Is call forwarding always active?

      As long as your monitor is connected to the Internet and you are logged in to the Blue app on your smartphone/tablet, incoming calls from your video door entry system will be forwarded to your devices. If you want to stop receiving calls from Blue, ...

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