If I have another home, can I manage both?

If I have another home, can I manage both?

Yes, from the app you can manage several homes if they are compatible with the Blue system. You will need to use the same Blue account to be linked to both of them.

If you are linked with both homes, you can answer the calls you receive both at your first and second home. If you want to add a second home in the app, you need to go to Settings > General > Add home. Then, follow the pairing steps for the new home: How can I pair my monitor using the app Blue?

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    • Google Home compatibility: How can I link the Blue app with Google Home?

      Blue (since version 3.4) is compatible with Google's ecosystem of smart speakers and displays. You can receive a notification on your Google speaker or screen when someone is ringing your doorbell or request to open the door with a voice phrase such ...
    • How can I invite another user to my Blue home to share call forwarding?

      User settings are available under Settings > Home > Users. Please note that only the home administrator, i.e. the user who has been paired, can invite other users. If a new user is paired, the old home manager and all previous invited users will be ...
    • How many smartphones can I have connected to the same home?

      The system allows up to 6 users in total connected to the same home. The administrator user can invite 5 extra users, so 1 administrator user and 5 guests will be connected to the same home. Each user will receive the call notification. The first one ...
    • My home is "Disconnected"

      If the status "Disconnected" appears in the home, it means that the monitor has lost the WIFI connection. To regain connectivity from the app, you will need to reconnect the monitor to the WIFI. To reconnect the monitor, re-pair it from Settings > ...
    • Does forwarding only work when I am at home?

      No, Blue by Fermax allows you to answer calls made to your video door entry system regardless of whether you are at home or not. For example, you can answer calls even when you're in the office or travelling around.

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